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Voyage Distribution holds a Microbusiness License in the state of California. We partner with distributors, cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries. 

Our services include:

  • Logistics & Distribution

  • Secured Transport

  • Testing

  • Storage

  • Inventory Control

  • Security & Risk Management

  • Sales & Branding

  • Consulting​


Voyage Distribution provides the missing link to your supply chain. Our centralized Downtown Los Angeles based hub allows us to effortlessly complete the last leg of the distribution process to your customers


Cultivators and Manufacturers

Our products would not be possible without all of the effort put forth by growers and manufacturers. They have diligently conducted business for years without a defined regulatory framework. Operators have consistently been targeted by law enforcement and regulatory restrictions have created numerous friction points.


These businesses are paramount to our industry and strongly believe that growers deserve a fair income. Voyage Distribution is dedicated to working intimately with growers and manufacturers to boost profitability and streamline business operations.


Voyage seeks to help establish a fair market for cannabis products and stand behind the belief that all participants in the supply chain should receive a fair return on their investment.


All of our products require pesticide-free agricultural operations that deliver cannabis without microbiological contamination.  We require precise seed-to-sale tracking of cannabis products. A stable, prosperous cannabis market is only possible with reliable, profitable growers and manufactures.


Voyage is a partner of cannabis dispensaries. We do not deliver our products direct to consumers but depend on dispensary and delivery partners to manage the “last mile” of the supply chain. Voyage is investing in tools that will aid dispensaries to increase both revenue and profitability.


Voyage brings best practices in category management and retail operations to dispensary owners. Our staff of retail experts exists to help dispensaries fine-tune their own businesses. In particular, we want to help dispensaries increase customer retention and customer lifetime value (LTV).

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