Voyage Distribution is a vertically integrated, fully licensed cannabis company that provides fulfillment, storage, and sales for wholesale and retail products throughout California, the world’s fifth-largest economy, and America’s largest consumer market. In addition to distribution, Voyage is also a brand incubator, manufacturing in-house brands and providing white-labeling solutions for concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, and pre-rolls.

Voyage ensures the utmost attention to detail every step of the process and our products meet the highest industry standards for cultivation and extraction while ensuring a clean, consistent supply. Our logistics solutions help companies stay compliant and increase market share.




Voyage Distribution, established in 2017 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is the premier cannabis supply company. Voyage Distribution carries a wide range of brands that cover the vast needs of today’s California cannabis consumer. The company's' acute attention to detail and meticulous focus on quality ensure our partner's success. Voyage's distribution network spans the state of California and strives to provide the fastest, most reliable industry solution to its retail partners.


Cannabis products make an immense journey before they ever reach consumers. From a small seed, that is labored and cared for through harvest, to artisan manufactures perfecting their craft through technique, process, and precise laboratory science, to efficient logistic networks that securely transport products to retailers through sales channels, we witness an exciting trip unfold. This journey is symbolic of Voyage Distribution’s essence. So when we started a company with the intention of simplifying the path that cannabis must travel through the supply chain, we thought it would be fitting to adopt the French term for a trip: Voyage.





A number of reputable cannabis brands have authorized Voyage to distribute their products to licensed dispensaries in Southern California. Whether your dispensary is looking to add one item to its inventory or several, our website makes it easy to order multiple brands at the same time. Our Account Managers are always available to answer any questions, and our fulfillment specialists will ensure that your order is delivered exactly when you want it.


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